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Dr. G’s Writing Workshop

So I guess I’m not going to write a full post today. What am I going to do, then?

Here’s the idea behind this blog. You can use it to:

  • Help others improve their skills, and realize satisfaction through writing.
  • Develop your ideas about writing, editing, and publishing, to demystify the process that leads to a finished piece of work.
  • Assist your own professional growth.

Every sign is telling me I have to go, so I’m going to do just two things to test out this new working environment. First, let’s paste an image:

Here’s a good cartoon.

Second, let’s see what happens when you insert a quotation:

Great presenters understand how people think, learn, and react. In this video Dr. Weinschenk shares 5 Things from her book, “100 Things Every Presenter Needs To Know About People”. Check out The Team’s online video courses, including one called “How To Be A Great Presenter”:

That should do it for today! I’m about ready to go home!