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Reasons to write about writing

So here we go.  You know I’m going to have a hard time writing for this blog, and for The Jeffersonian, and for Conversations with Dio, and for Writer’s Craft, and for any other blogs I might want to work on. Well, let Writer’s Craft and Dr. G’s Writing Workshop play off each other, then.

Here are some reasons you should write about writing:

  • Other people can benefit from what you have to say on the subject.
  • As you have done with The Jeffersonian, you can build a book from your posts.
  • Writing about writing at Writer’s Craft is a legitimate use of your time at Waters.
  • You can build your reputation and value as a writer beyond Waters via LinkedIn and this blog.
  • The activity helps you think through what you have to say about writing, and may help you become a better writer.
  • It puts you in the role of mentor to less experienced writers, a role that is satisfying late in your career.
  • You don’t know where publicizing your expertise in this field will lead – you are still ambitious.
  • It could lead you to knowledge and practical activities that help you promote your writing.

That’s a pretty good list of reasons, don’t you think?

The book I have thought could grow from this work is How to Write in the Digital Age. That’s not a great title, but I can’t think of anything better at the moment.

I need to call it a day. Here are topics for future posts: (1) tell the story of TechWrite’s Tips and Analysis; (2) adapt the announcement for STC NE’s November meeting for a post; (3) consider advantages and drawbacks of acting as your own publisher; (4) compare self-publishing in the past with self-publishing now; (5) explain tools and requirements for preparing technical documents.

Here’s a last thought for the day. Whenever you sit at a keyboard, or take a pen to paper, you have an opportunity to create something valuable and even beautiful. The same goes for a piano player who wants to create something that pleases the ear. A writer wants to create something that pleases the mind.