Revolution in the Air and on the Ground

I wrote both of these books shortly after I edited two books for my family, Childhood Dreams and Friendship Farm. Perhaps I needed something serious on my desktop during that period. In any case, I like to write about politics in my blog, The Jeffersonian: A Journal of Democracy and Public Affairs. These books developed from the essays I wrote for that online journal. Generally the pieces undergo substantial development as they travel from blog to book. A lot of good thinking occurs during the rewrite phase.

The linked titles take you to the Kindle edition of these books at Amazon. You can obtain the books in other ebook formats at Smashwords. Just enter Greffenius in the Smashwords search field.

Revolution in the Air

Revolution in the Air collects essays about freedom and its antithesis, government power. Early versions of these pieces originally appeared at The Jeffersonian. Essays investigate taxes and labor market freedom, health care, financial fraud, secrecy, torture, civil rights, and rights of revolution. Do citizens owe each other an obligation to replace their government, collaboratively, after authorities demonstrate their own illegitimacy? To answer a question like that, the book begins with thoughts about the significance of Kennedy’s murder. Other essays include Lincoln’s Legacy and the Path Ahead, Revolution and the Second Amendment, Garden Variety Totalitarianism, Bring on the Rabble Rousers, Torture Guidelines, and Freedom in Danger.

Revolution on the Ground

Revolution on the Ground is the second of two books in this series. The book explains why American citizens must alter or abolish their government to preserve their freedom. It also details the best means of revolution: non-violent, constitutional, and based on civil resistance. Mindful resistance to government can create a successful new republic after existing officials have lost their authority. Essays include Means to Resist, States’ Rights, Strong Citizens, and Why Torture Matters.

Revolution in the Air and Revolution on the Ground are available as ebooks only, at Smashwords and Amazon.