RTFM: Practical Advice for Smart Writers, with Workbook

RTFM Cover SmallRTFM: Practical Advice for Smart Writers grew out of a talk I gave for the IEEE Boston Consultants Network in March 2016. The presentation appears as the book’s last chapter, RTFM: Acronym Whose Time Never Came. Other chapters include Zen of Writer’s Block, Writing Process Chalk Talk, and Why You Should Write Professionally. The principles and related advice in RTFM focus on documents of all lengths prepared by business and technical people – documents that exist to make companies of all sizes successful.

You can download a free, digital copy of RTFM at Puzzle Mountain Digital’s website. For a paperback copy, visit the book’s home page at Amazon.

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RTFM: Practical Advice for Smart Writers is available in paper, as a Kindle edition, and as a PDF.

RTFM Workbook: Practical Information and Exercises for Smart Writers, to be completed soon: stand by!